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When the world seems to be falling down around you

When the world seems to be falling down around you

“When the world seems to be falling down around you, it is really only falling into place”

Have you ever wondered where sayings like this come from? If so, take a seat, a deep breath and read on…….

WIN the war!

If you ever feel stuck, be it over a person or situation. It could be even be just a block on an idea. However the root of this block came about, release is the best form of movement forward. Simply think or say ….

“I shower this situation with love and blessings and release it back into the universe in love and light! Iforgive and release all negative feelings and thoughts. I move forward in power and peace as I know that all will work out exactly as it should do for the greater good of all.”

A lot of the times when we feel lower energies and thoughts: these feeling of being alone or lost are normally really nothing more that a nasty kick from the Ego. Your faith is telling you, that all is ok, yet ego wins this time round, why?

Because once we are suffering from lower energies the mind is more likely to cling to a negative. This is nothing more than a learnt negative habit formed over years and years of negative thoughts and influences. In these cases clinging to an established negative habit appears much easier than forming a new positive one. So Ego wins out and keeps you in a circling habit that your heart and soul longs for freedom from. Ego does not like change or growth. As we know only negative can come from Ego, which is why it arrives when our defences and vibrations are low. Ego can also make an appearance when we are starting to SOAR and GROW. When life is falling into place and DREAMS are MANIFESTING, perhaps even more so, I will tell you now as you grow SPIRITUALLY, be ready for Ego to put up the fight of its life!

This is why there are a lot of sayings like “When the world seems to be falling down around you, it is really only falling into place” Hold true to all sayings like this and create some of your own. Keep them close to hand, on the fridge or bedside your bed, anywhere. Somewhere so that they are in your face and ready to replace a negative thought the SECOND it arrives. Do not let that negative though spring any roots or get a foot in the door, do not let you’re mind give it a second glance, no quick ponders or hesitations.  Dismiss it immediately and replace it with a positive immediately! Staying with these positive thoughts is one of your biggest defences against Ego. Remember Rome wasn’t build in a day, nor where your negative habits and nor will your positive habits. You need to put in the Fire Fight of your Soul and stick with it; with consistency and dedication your positive Soul thoughts will win and form the beautiful high vibration habits we all seek.

Learning tools to shut the ego up are hugely effective in these times of the false negative senses. Name your ego, something that carries humour and is light in vibrations then pair this with a humorous mental image. Laughter at the self and in life is a VERY POWERFUL healing tool which radiates on a divine level straight from the soul and spirit.

My Ego is called: Manure (because it’s full of it!)

My Ego looks like: A Gremlin

(Gremlin image for my Ego was given to me by the lovely and wonderful Liz Cullen from the Healing Centre, thank you Liz xxx)

 Thinking and visualising both those things make me laugh, and immediately my mind is refocused and laughing. Hey presto, my thoughts have changed to a positive and my vibrations have risen! Simple as that, with practice!

Remember, it did take years to build up these negative habits. We just didn’t really stop to notice the process as the negative can be easier to believe and over look. There is great news with this realisation because there in lays a beaming ray of light.

“If a negative habit can be built so strongly; then so can a positive one!” –Lesley McKeever

Remembering the fact that negative feelings or thoughts are fake, is another great tool. It is only Ego trying to beat you again. Dismiss, dismiss, dismiss!

Boosting your faith and mind with positive words, laughter, affirmations and prayer will carry you on through. Repeating your favourite song will also remove Ego from the equation, in song and within music, your soul is alive and burning, Ego will not get a look in.

Healing Task:

Get a page and a pen, and for one day only, be very aware of how you talk to yourself and others. Notice how you are seeing situations or things that crop up during your day. Also notice how many times you think of the past. Write down all the negative and positives you thought of, said or did. The results over your day will shock you. By taking notice you can make the change. Then get two other pieces of paper and on one, write down all the negatives and on the other write the positives. I can wager which page has more on it for most.

Put the page with all the positives somewhere where you can see them daily. Now take the page with the negative ones and burn them! While it is burning, breathe a sigh of relief and say

“I respect everything you have done for me in the past Ego; I am now allowing my shining light to beam through. I thank you and release you Ego as you no longer serve me.

SO it is SO


In everyday life use the above as your tools to grow. On deeper subjects you want to face, take each issue you want to tackle one at a time; we are all evolving, learning and growing spiritually every day. Baby Steps, love yourself and be fair and kind to you on the days you may slip up and let ego win.

My biggest Soul Tip for from all this is CONSISTANCY! It will turn around, but you need to do the work! Practicing this once or twice is not going to do it, trust me! This is a LIFE Practice which you are to adopt, Ego will never stop trying so neither can you, but with your work you will weaken and quieten it.

When in need:


I respect everything you have done for me in the past Ego; I am now allowing my shining light to beam through. I thank you and release you Ego as you no longer serve me.

SO it is SO


Xx love and light xxx Les

“Soul for Life” – Lesley McKeever

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