When you look at the mirror are you ashamed of your face? Are you ashamed of your complexion, are you ashamed of your facial features or are you ashamed of your hair? Of course not! Why? Because God has made you like that! There is nothing to be ashamed of! Why don’t we use the same concept while dealing with our inner-self? We own two personalities. The outward personality and the inner-personality. When we aren’t ashamed of our outward personality (we might feel inferior because of it but we aren’t ashamed of it) then why are we ashamed of accepting our inner personality? If we can accept the fact that our appearance cannot be like others then why can’t we just accept the fact  it’s okay to have thoughts and ideas that are different from others! If God has given us our outward appearance and we aren’t ashamed of it. God has moulded our inner-personality as well, So why are we so embarrassed to stand out?
    Can you change your facial features because you want them to be like others? No! then how in the world can you expect your entire thought process to change for others! Why cant we just accept the fact  that we are different, we are unique and it’s okay if people call us ‘weird’. The way you take pride in your outward appearance be proud about your inner personality as well. A person likes your opinions, cool! He doesn’t like it, let go! No I am not saying you shouldn’t learn from anyone but all I am saying is, “There is no need to forcefully change your thought process when your intuitions tell you that your opinions are correct”. This brings me to the concept I love talking about: INTUITIONS! Very few people in this world have the courage to follow their intuitions. Very few people have the courage to speak out their heart and most importantly very few people are brave enough to do what their inner voice or voice of God asks them to do. The rest are interested in following the rat race!
         Remember one thing YOU ARE HERE TO MAKE GOD HAPPY AND NOT OTHER. So never do anything unethical for that will hurt God but if your actions are positive and a few people have problems with it then just let go. Don’t waste your time in arguing with fools. If your thoughts and actions are different, you don’t have to be sorry for it as long as you aren’t doing anything unethical. This is how God has made you. IF YOU AREN’T DOING ANYTHING THAT CAN HURT GOD THEN YOUR AREN’T WRONG. No need to apologize for thinking something out of the box. As mentioned above very few people in this world have the courage to follow their heart.
     Our society expects us to think and do what our forefathers have been doing even if that was wrong. We aren’t allowed to be who we are and in case we try to be ourselves we are termed as Aliens. It’s okay to be! Also never do the mistake of taking negative comments seriously. YOU ARE ANSWERABLE TO GOD AND NOT ANSWERABLE TO THOSE PEOPLE.
    All I want to say is take pride in who you are, how God has made you and what he wants you to become. Follow your inner voice. Listen to your intuitions. Most importantly do not be ashamed of who you are. THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD TAKE PRIDE IN NEGATIVE POINTS YOU OWN .You need to change in a positive way but don’t let go your positive points only because they don’t go by the system created by this society.
                 So face yourself. Be honest with yourself.. Be happy with who you are. DON’T BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. God has made you like this and be proud that you stand out! Thank you so much!


~ Akanksha Wadhavkar

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