Trust once gone, it will never be the same

trust doesn't come with refill. Once lost , it will never be the same  - Wisdom Quotes and Stories

“Trust doesn’t come with a refill. Once it’s gone, you probably won’t get it back & if you do it will never be the same and that’s a fact.”

Once trust is lost, relationships will never be the same. But if you are lucky enough to trust again or to be trusted again, the bond can be even stronger if lessons are learned and love wins out. Don’t give up. We are human beings and can make mistakes. We can also forgive and become even better people by living beyond the experience. It takes some time and practice, but practice makes perfect.

Trusting is a sacred thing. Once it has been broken, it is almost impossible for someone to earn that trust back. Just the way our hearts protect us. ~ Burroughs Erlandson Pamela

Trust is just an illusion of mind. It’s not trust that is broken, its the ego who don’t want be hurt again. Fear of getting hurt again is what exactly not letting you trust again. ~ Om Shakti

Before you act! ! !, If you never forget, then have you really forgiven? Forgiveness opens the door to repeat situations as you TRUST God to work it out in your favor, by His Love and Grace. ~ Kenneth Thompson

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