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positive thoughts attract positive life experiences - Wisdom Quotes and Stories

“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.”

We are shaping and constructing our quality life with the help of our quality of thought. We are bombarded with countless number of thought in our thought manufacturing bank zone and mostly are unwanted negative thought. As valid truth says we can hold life prospering positive thought in our miracle creating mind through powerful self positive affirmation regarding your dream goals which can impress and convince your subconscious mind as subconscious can drives you with full passion, enthusiasm with winning attitude to accomplish any battle of life encountering countless number of obstacles encountered in the highway of life and success. Actually subconscious mind never rectify either positive or negative thought so you yourself is script writer, director and controller of your thought bank. The universe also responds to the thought played vividly in your mental video as universe never rectify whether you hold negative thought or positive thought and there is no any favorism for any specific people whoever be universe never cares.

Around 85% people are victimized by the negative thoughts and it’s very toughest task to perform our day to day life activities whether at work place, friend circle or place where we live and encountering with negative attitude people. The universe law is uncontrollable and we have to obey and apply all scripted rigid law of universe for living our life with defined purpose. The concrete life prospering truth says everything around and within us are energy and has energy, if you hold positive life prospering thought regarding anything then you just form positive magnetic field around your zone which radiates positive energy and as per the law of universe you can attract the same positive circumstances, people and positive quality life as you yourself is a living magnet.

The best way to manufacture and conditioned your thought bank is through powerful positive self affirmations and plant the seeds of attitude of gratitude. The quality of your thought is highly influenced by your deep rooted belief system as well, it’s better to update your deep rooted belief system as we are living in the age of highly innovative and un imaginably overnight changes is taking place because this planet holds great gurus, professional scientists and philosophers and these peoples are the gift of this planet to update our old conventional life limiting self deep rooted beliefs. The life’s true identity is well determined by your thinking pattern and thought we hold in our thought bank. If you add every day single drop of positive thought then you can be the sea of positive thought one day and you can live life with abundance, happiness, peace, freedom and purpose. ~ Dhiraj Kumar Raj

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