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How to Turn Any Problem Into a Peaceful Prayer?

How to Turn Any Problem Into a Peaceful Prayer?

What changes would you like to experience right now? If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

Your answers are the foundations for your affirmations, prayers, and manifestations. With your answers, you can resolve and heal ANY situation!

Let’s say that you wished for a better job, more money, a soulmate, increased health, and so forth. With the current world energy flowing at such a rapid rate, our thoughts and feelings are magnetizing and attracting at record speeds!

So for a better job: say:

Thank you for my meaningful, exciting, prosperous, and interesting job.

For more money, say:

I am completely financially secure and supported in all ways.

For a soulmate say:

I am happy, honored, loved, and in love with my kind, faithful, and healthy soulmate

For increased health say:

My body is completely healthy, energized, and vitalized now and always.

If you find yourself complaining about any situation, you have a wonderful foundation to turn the situation into a blessing! Complaints affirm that you’re a victim to outside forces or other people. You ARE powerful and aren’t a victim to anything or anyone. You always have choices that you can make. Secondly, complaints are affirmations and prayers which attract that which you’re complaining about. In other words, more of the same.

So if you find yourself thinking or saying a complaint like: “I don’t have enough time!” take the words and rearrange them into a positive statement that affirms what you desire as already being true: “I have plenty of time!” and “I have all the time in the world.” These statements will help you to relax, let go of fear or stress, and have the experience of more time.

Call upon the Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, to lift your thoughts if you ever feel stressed, worried, or afraid. Jophiel is a wonderful healer, who illuminates our mind with love and peace. This strong angel is happy to shoulder your burdens and take them to God for healing and transmutation.

Here is a powerful prayer: “Lord, I am giving you every care, worry, and concern, and asking that you infuse my thoughts and feelings with God’s love and peace. Please help me to see, feel, and experience Divine Light right now. Please help me to let go and surrender this situation for my highest and best good. Please help to ensure that my needs and my loved ones needs are met, and that we are safe, protected, and provided for. (If there’s anything specific that you need help with, say or think it here). Thank you God.”

~ Doreen Virtue

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