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Let Karma do its thing

be patient and let karma do it's thing   - Wisdom Quotes and Stories

“Be Patient and let Karma do its thing. Never seek Revenge as it takes over your Life and Thoughts.”

Karma comes around to everyone…it is not only a negative. It is an energy returning to its source. If the energy was negative, that is how it will return. However, if it was positive energy, that will return to its source as well. There is no better justice than Karma! ~ Donnette Selix

What ever your beliefs are and whatever you want to call it……What goes around, comes around. I do believe in KARMA and does mean I do not trust in God. With God All Things Are Possible. ~ Jeanette Cornish

Karma is simply a part of the fabric of creation. It is functional and the manifestation of god’s will. ~ Ryan Seepersad

Karma is a Universal Law…. Religion is a Universal subjective belief … ~ Kimberly Brailey

You attract the things in your life to you, therefore; choose your thoughts more carefully and the rest will follow. Once you make the decision to always choose happiness, the rest will fall into place. Simply make mindful, loving choices and be the best you that you can be everyday. ~ Creig Crippen

GOD is the driver of our lives. Whatever HE takes us it is HIS PLAN… HE loves us and HE wants the best for all of us. ~ Diane Saderland

It Is Up To God , Judgment DAY will Come To All Of Us , So People Try To Treat People Like You Would Like to Be Treated , and The World Would be a Much Better Place ! ~ Ruth Nyberg

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