Month: July 2013

Trust once gone, it will never be the same

“Trust doesn’t come with a refill. Once it’s gone, you probably won’t get it back & if you do it will never be the same and that’s a fact.” Once trust is lost, relationships will never be the same. But if you are lucky enough to trust again or to be trusted …

Each Person Shines His Own Way

  A samurai who was known for his nobility and honesty, went to visit a Zen monk to ask him for his advice. When the monk had finished his prayers, the Samurai asked, “Why do I feel so inferior? I have faced death many times, have defended those who are …

Hope is making plan for tomorrow without assurance of waking up

“Every night we go to bed, with no assurance of waking up the next morning, but we still make plans for tomorrow that’s Hope.” ‘GOD’ GAVE US ONE DAY TO LIVE SO MAKE THE MOST OF IT…GIVE THANK TO “GOD” EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY FOR EVERYTHING HE BESTOW UPON …


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